Terms & Conditions

Canandaigua Lady Group Terms & Conditions

The Canandaigua Lady is proud of its facilities, service, cuisine and staff of professionals who will do their utmost to please you and your guests during your function aboard the Canandaigua Lady. The following information will be helpful to you in planning a successful event.

MENU SELECTIONS: Please submit your menu selections to us at least 5 business days prior. Any dietary restrictions must be disclosed at this time in order for the guest to be properly accommodated. No outside food or beverage is permitted on the boat.

PRICES: Prices are subject to change without notice. Guaranteed prices will not be given more than 90 days prior to any function date. The customary service charges are additional to the quoted prices as well as the applicable sales tax.

GUARANTEES: The final guaranteed number of guests is due five (5) days prior to the start of your event, which is not subject to changes. You will be charged for the guaranteed number or the exact count, whichever is greater. Additional seats that are not guaranteed five (5) days prior to your event will be released for sale if your group is sailing on a public excursion.

CANCELLATIONS: The initial deposit is non-refundable. All other deposits towards your event are subject to be used towards a future event.

SCHEDULED SAILING TIME: Because the Canandaigua Lady has more than one sailing scheduled daily, the boat sails PROMPTLY at the time scheduled for your event. It is your responsibility to ensure that all passengers with your group are on board for your scheduled departure. We are unable to hold the boat for late arrivals and no refunds will be issued for no-show or late arrivals. We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your cruise.

WEATHER: The Canandaigua Lady sails rain or shine. Cancellations due to weather by the client are subject to the normal cancellation policies. In the case of severe weather that includes high winds or lightning, The Canandaigua Lady may elect to stay dockside to ensure the safety of all passengers for chartered sailings, and in this case, an adjustment will be made for excursion portion of your event. In the event of severe weather due to high winds or lightning, the client may cancel and will receive a rain check or gift certificate for a future sailing.

STATE REGULATIONS: The State Liquor Commission and local health department regulates the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. As a license, this facility is responsible for the administration of these regulations. It is policy, therefore, that liquor, beer, wine and food cannot be brought aboard the boat from any outside source, nor will any be allowed to be taken from the premises after your event is over. Only 75 people allowed on the upper deck at a time.

SECURITY: This facility will not assume responsibility for the damage or loss of any merchandise or articles brought to the premises.

PAYMENTS & DEPOSITS: A deposit for your group is due at time of booking and is based on the expected number of guests. A $250 deposit is due for groups less than 50. A $500 deposit is due for groups over 50 and chartering the boat. The balance is due five (5) days prior to your event with your final guaranteed counts. Final balances for additional persons added to the group are due prior to boarding. Any refunds are in the form of a rain check only.

PERFORMANCE: The Canandaigua Lady shall be relieved of its performance under this agreement, to the extent that performance is delayed or prevented by any cause including acts of God, acts of orders or government authorities, restrictions on travel, transportation, fire, flood, explosion, or any necessary construction, arrest or seizure under any legal process, strike, lockout or stoppage or restraint of labor from any cause, whether partial or total.

LIABILITIES: Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of the property management to complete the same and is subject to labor troubles, accidents, government requisitions, restrictions upon travel, transportation, foods, beverages or supplies and other causes beyond our control. Damage to the Canandaigua Lady, the property, or loss of equipment will be the client’s responsibility.

INDEMNITY: The customer shall indemnify the Canandaigua Lady and any affiliates, their officers, shareholders, employees, agents or contractors and hold them harmless from any and all damages, liability, cost or expenses of any nature that may arise from or out of the event, including property damage, theft and personal injury.